is how you’re referenced

during a tour of your home.


Your reality,


The ground will
eventually come.

you like to think
when you’re


I should have
looked at you

that way.

with cordial


head first

in to




I don’t want to
feel any thing,

except every thing,

and all of it.

I will spill
across your sheets

if you will tattoo
me with your kisses.

Please pardon the delay, Forgive our untimely response,

We thank you for your patience, We appreciate your interest,

There were hundreds, thousands, an overwhelming number,

Unfortunately, At this time, With that being said,

We regret to inform you, I’m sorry to disappoint you,

but – but, but.


We are unable, not right, looking for something else,

Please try again, have better luck, best wishes, thanks,

Sincerely, – 

sprawled across his back seat

with a loose belt,

you were out cold

as the speedometer rose.


You had what you needed

but you fucked it all away.


Delicate and unready,

you fucked it all away.


Lifeless limbs and

stagnant blood,

you were so fucking close, kid. 

born in a bath of light,

full moon.

I was raised with a gaze

fixated on the stars.

Caring for

no money, no politics,

only our human hearts.

With footsteps 

always filled too full.

you inspire me
to find words in the brokenness

in the nothing you left behind
in the absence of evidence that we ever existed

you inspire me
to fall away from who i was

from the established bed
from my home

you inspire me
to dash t’s and dot i’s

and pour my useless love onto endless pages
and dry the tears you never cried.